Sunday, March 31, 2013

French General

Just in the studio this week is a new collection of fabrics from Fabricut. French General offers a peek at the French countryside. The fabrics and trimmings are inspired by a collection of antique buttons, embroidery, photos and other treasures from France. They are designed by an incredibly talented lady. Kaari Ming focused on three main colors for her collection, Rouge (red,) Bleu (blue,) and Bisque (neutral beige.)

"With a focus on linen and cotton fibers, the French General look and feel is luxurious and authentic. In addition to the soft natural prints and wovens, we have included some basic solids - all in different weights of linen and cotton, and many are pre-washed for that perfect vintage appeal. The trimmings incorporate linen and cotton with accents of jute and wool. Together, we create a lived-in look that is soft, worn and comfortable."