Friday, August 31, 2012

Pantone's Fall Colors 2012

Pantone's Fall color palette is rich with punchy brights like Pink Flambé (fuschia) and Tangerine Tango (a fun orange.) There are also rich warm colors, French Roast (a deep chocolate brown) Honey Gold to balance the brights.

Here are all the colors...

Here is a room with highlighting Charlotte Moss's fabric collection from Fabricut. You will see many of Pantone's Fall colors here. There is Pink Flambé in the pillows. The front pillow is trimmed in Oslo - Watermelon, the middle pillow is Aphra - Peony trimmed in Oslo - Grass. The fun white graphic printed draperies are done up in Charlotte - Grass. The sofa hints at Bright Chartreuse in a great basket graphic, Caroline - Grass. Bits of Olympian Blue and Tangerine Tango (the "it" color for 2012) can be found in the rug.

Charlotte Moss for Fabricut

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Red Rooms

Red is mature, authoritative, regal and hot. It's fascinating and demands attention. Red is impulsive and arousing. It's impossible to ignore. Sexy!

Red in the home can be sensational and dynamic. Red in kitchens and dining rooms can be dramatic; but be careful. Red increases the appetite. Not a great color choice if you are on a diet.

Dark reds are good for bedrooms, dens, studies and living rooms.

Avoid bright reds in bedrooms. It over-stimulates and can disrupt sleep. A red front door is cheery and welcoming.

What do you think of these red lacquered walls? This Manhattan dining room from Elle Decor is designed by Brian McCarthy; Photographer: William Waldron. Click the picture to link back to the original article in Elle Decor.