Monday, January 30, 2012

New Kravet Fabric Collection: Vie de Campagne

J'adore Kravet's new fabric collection Vie de Campagne. This stunning collection epitomizes French country living. Relaxed, faded, comfortable linens and cottons are perfect for every room.

I can't decide which to use first but I am thinking it may be Aerogramme Linen in Rouge...
Kravet Fabrics - Aerogramme

Good Garage Feng Shui!

This is a link to my friend, Debbie Bowie's recent blog. I love that this garage is clear of everything.. and I mean EVERYTHING except the car. There is something to be said about clear space. Ahhhhh...

Good Garage Feng Shui!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Unique Bed Placement

Last year, I met with a client who needed assistance updating and freshening her spaces. The master bedroom was especially challenging as it has steep knee walls and deep dormers. Here is a snippet of my letter to her...

"We arranged the master queen-sized bed in the middle of the room to create a strong focal point. This also allows you more flexibility with the style and will free up wall space for a dresser, a chest of drawers and mirror, a bookcase and a chair and half. If you go a little bolder on the walls, keep the bedding more neutral. Don’t forget the shams for a finished look. An accent pillow or two to add a pop of color would look very nice."

Since she was working on a tight budget, she opted to paint (based on my color selections) and purchase the furniture and accessories on her own.

Just this month, I received this update with some photographs of the incredible results. I thought I would share them with you. Don't you just love the bed placement, what excellent use of the space.

I thought I had sent you an email several months ago about what I did with your recommendations about changes for my house but discovered I hadn't.  I worked on weekends over the summer to redo the kitchen and hallway and upstairs bedroom and am so pleased with the results! And I did all the work myself. All the dark woodwork and doors required two coats of primer and two of paint. The wallpaper clung to the wall for dear life - I had to scrape it inch-by-inch in spite of all the products I used to help release it. But it gave me a real sense of accomplishment. I'm proud to have people over now and each evening I enjoy snuggling down in my new poster bed in the middle of my beautiful new bedroom. The house feels like it's mine now. I also did a lot of de-cluttering in the process.

I still need a new floor for the kitchen and at some point I'll redo the downstairs bedroom and the den, but for now I'm content.

I've attached a few pictures to show you the changes.  I'm not the best at accessorizing, but hope I did ok - am open to any suggestions.

Thank you for giving me a new vision for my home and helping me create spaces that provide me much pleasure.

 Have a wonderful new year.
Sharyl Adams"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

This new blog for Bedeckers Interior is in the design process... 
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Happy New Year!